Karen, Lachlan and Jamie's birth story

Karen and Lachlan did a Hypnobirthing refresher course as part of their antenatal sessions with me as their birth Doula. I attended the homebirth of Jamie, their third baby.

Meg is applying counter pressure to Karen as she labours in a birth pool at home.

We got hold of Meg at about 01:45 and she was here by 02:15. Things started to increase in speed from then as my body relaxed as soon as Meg’s calming presence entered the room. After calling the birth centre to ask them to send someone out Meg tried some rebozo sifting. It instantly improved baby’s position and boom! My waters went with a gush. I was then eager to get in the pool and sure enough after jumping in things progressed VERY quickly. Meg helped immensely by applying deep pressure on my back through the surges. And she and my husband worked beautifully together reassuring me that I was safe and helping me to maintain surge breathing and peace. The midwife calmly watched from a distance and gently completed the odd observation as and when. 

Having Meg in the room was wonderful. She had done a hypno refresher course with us and it was like being in a hard exam at school but being able to talk to your tutor for “cheat tips” throughout!

A very short time later my baby arrived in the pool at 04:41 after 2 pushes.

After birthing the placenta, drying off and getting into my own bed my Mum, hubby and Meg took it in turns to be with me while they cracked on with the clean up operation. Meg and Mum were an efficient team to behold and the room was soon spotless!!!

Home birthing with a doula was probably the most empowering thing I have ever done. The high I felt afterwards was indescribable.

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