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Hypnobirthing and Doula Support in Lancashire

Hypnobirthing and Doula support in Lancashire

Pregnancy is a time to embrace emotional and physical change without fear or anxiety. Your pregnancy is yours and yours alone and it doesn’t compare to anyone else’s. It is important that you can feel confident and positive about what is to come and Hypnobirthing antenatal sessions can help you to achieve this. There are various options to suit you.

Birth can and should be a positive experience for everyone. It doesn’t matter when you birth, where you birth or how you birth. What matters is that you are respected and supported in the choices you make. A Birth Doula will be a consistent advocate for you through pregnancy and birth.

The days, weeks and months after a baby is born should be free from unrealistic expectations and the pressure to return to ‘normality’. You deserve to take time to adjust to parenthood and life with a newborn, with support that suits you. A Postnatal Doula can help you be the parent you instinctively want to be, and focus on supporting you.

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I can’t thank Meg enough for giving me the tools and confidence to birth my baby in the way I did.
Hypnobirthing and Doula support in Lancashire client
Meg is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Her course was thorough, informative and inspiring.
Hypnobirthing and Doula support in Lancashire client