Heather, Jamie and Marley's birth story

Heather and Jamie came back to me for a refresher course, having already done a full private course with their first pregnancy, when they were planning a home birth for their second baby.

We were delighted to find out that we were expecting our second child. Although I was so excited I was also extremely nervous because I knew what was coming! I had Hypnobirthing with Meg with my first child so I decided to book in with Meg for several refresher sessions. I’m so so glad I did, as I regained my confidence in giving birth and all the worries soon disappeared and I began to enjoy my pregnancy.

We discussed my birth plan and for some reason I had a feeling that I was going to give birth at home, so Meg suggested ‘so why not go ahead and plan to have him at home’. The thought was quite daunting at first, but the more I read into it and having the option to hire a pool and a potential water birth the more it became appealing! So we went ahead and hired the pool and spoke to the midwife about our plans, it was all pretty easy to arrange to be honest!

So, onto the labour and birth………

It was around 2am that I woke up feeling as though I needed the toilet, I lay for a moment and as I sat up my waters broke…… here we go!

Jamie and I had talked at length of how I wanted the kitchen to be set up, I wanted to feel as calm as possible, with calming background music, my birthing affirmations placed carefully around the kitchen, the windows blacked out, gentle lighting and of course my favourite Yankee candle! I couldn’t of wished for a better set up! All thanks to Jamie I came down stairs and everything was all set up and the pool was filling at a nice pace.

By 4am my surges were coming strong, using all the techniques Meg taught me I breathed through them whilst hanging off Jamie’s neck 🤣.

Around 6am I got into the pool and the midwives had arrived. They read my birthing plan and respected my wishes and spoke to Jamie if they needed to, they literally left me to it and were at hand if needed and every so often they would carry out any necessary checks.

I was then ready to push, it always amazes me how amazing our bodies truly are, you just know when it’s the right moment to push and my god did I push!! I could feel his head ready to birth, however the surge had ended and although I knew if I pushed that few seconds longer I could of birthed his head I knew I was at risk of potentially tearing. So, back up he went 🤣 and less than a minute later another surge came and I pushed, like I’ve never pushed before!!! And thankfully with that almighty push I birthed his head, 2 more pushes and he entered the world in a pool in our kitchen at 8:33am weighing 8lb 14oz. I managed the birth without any pain relief, squeezing my husbands hand and the knowledge gained through Meg’s sessions.

30 mins later I was sat on the settee cuddling both of my boys in absolute awe of what I had just done!


I’ll be forever grateful to Meg for everything she taught me, for making me believe in myself and helping me regain my confidence in giving birth and also for including my husband throughout the journey.

Thanks Meg!!” ❤️

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