Hannah, Alex and Aurelia's birth story

Hannah and Alex did a group Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of their first baby, Aurelia. Their stories is a wonderful example of how you can confidently navigate changes to the path of your birth.

We had the most amazing start to birth. I ignored early labour for as long as possible. When things intensified, I remained calm, with breathing and yoga- which I’d practiced in the build up. I left my husband asleep for some hours and laboured on my own- I actually enjoyed the peace and zen of this moment! This was me, connecting my with baby, preparing ourselves for what was coming.

At 4am we went to Blackburn birth centre. When I got into the birth centre my contractions had naturally slowed a little due the change in environment. (All the learning I’d done for situations such as this helped massively- as I knew they were coming, felt prepared and never felt out of control.)


The birth centre was just a lovely setting, so relaxing, zen and perfect. I managed to have a really calm, positive, active labour. The staff were incredible and I get emotional thinking about wonderful they are in supporting you and your baby, making you feel empowered and heard. The pool  was amazing and again, I felt in control and golden thread deep breathing was my saviour and made everything bearable and calm!


Unfortunately, at 3pm it became clear that there were some complications. Following an examination, it was no longer safe for me to stay at Blackburn within their guidelines. I understood from our learnings what the next choices were. I asked many questions about the situation and what would be offered to me on arrival to Burnley hospital. I went for a walk (well, waddle whilst flinching!) around the grounds at the birth centre with my husband. We discussed the situation and what we wanted to happen for the rest of labour. We were then transferred to Burnley to be seen by a doctor. The staff from the birth centre come with you for the transfer. This was amazing, as I could remain calm and focused, whilst they chatted to paramedics and on arrival into Burnley set up the birth room to your preferences.


On arrival into Burnley, we were seen by a lovely doctor. She sat across from me and said “what do you want to do- this is completely up to you.” Whilst producing our birth plans, as Meg suggested, we made one for every scenario. It was therefore clear for us what we wanted. Even so, in the moment I wavered, feeling overwhelmed by the complications and discussions of what was going “wrong” and being exhausted and in agony- so relying on prior learning was so important!


Aurelia arrived via the “sunroof” late that night.  The theatre team were amazing and I feel so happy and relieved that they helped welcome our beautiful daughter into the world that night.


We have just arrived home today, after we both caught infections unfortunately. But we are over the moon and looking forward to the rest of our new lives!!


Thank you so much Meg- your classes made us feel informed, powerful and calm!!


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