Emma, Peter and Evelyn's birth story

Emma and Peter did a full group Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of their first baby. After a long labour Emma chose to have a Caesarean birth at Burnley Birth Suite and stayed in control every step of the way.

Birth Emma lying in theatre holding her baby skin to skin with Peter looking on with his hand resting on Emma's head.

After completing the group course with Meg in the lead up to my daughter’s birth I was excited, never really fearful or anxious. I knew it wasn’t going to be pain free but I was looking forward to the experience, putting into practice all the techniques I’d learned and finally getting to meet my little one. 

As I hit my due date I had lots of little signs that suggested it wouldn’t be long and I used this time to relax and sleep as much as possible in preparation for the birth. I had a long latent stage, with 2 nights of surges between 4-7 minutes apart.  My rainbow relaxation helped me to stay calm and even nap in between, and on the first night of gentle surges (as excited as I was) I didn’t even wake my husband, I just quietly relaxed and micro napped when possible. 

I spent 4 hours in the pool at one stage and even though this was when my surges were at their most intense and only a minute or two apart, I absolutely loved it. I was so happy and peaceful just floating around with my earphones in listening to affirmations, lavender drops on my bikini top and gentle encouragement from my birth partners. 

During the 3rd day/night I refused intervention for as long as possible, I was happy to stay patient in order to achieve the natural delivery I’d dreamt of. However it eventually became clear that I would need some help and just kept reminding myself to stay calm and positive no matter what path my birth took. We know now that the baby was in an awkward position and I was never destined for a natural delivery, but at every turn I called upon the same techniques to keep me calm, focused and positive.

We eventually ended up in theatre prepped for a Caesarean. I could see that my husband looked worried and yet I was still so calm. I reassured him all was fine and reminded him that this was a time to be excited as our journey was about to be complete and we were seconds away from becoming parents. It all happened quite quickly and before I knew it I was looking up at her, she was perfect! She settled very quickly on my chest and has been very calm and content ever since. 

The moment I saw her was the greatest moment of my life. It really didn’t matter which way she arrived. I was just so grateful that I was alert, calm and focused enough to take it all in. I even managed to capture some photographs of my own from the theatre table. I can treasure those images of daddy’s first glances and him cutting the cord. 

As challenging as it was I look back on it all fondly, without any negativity. It is my birth story and I’m proud of it and what we achieved.

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