Charina, James and Iris' birth story

Charina and James did a full group Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the homebirth of their second baby, Iris.

Hypnobirthing and Doula support in Lancashire client

I used self-taught hypnobirthing techniques to birth my first baby and had a wonderful, empowering experience. My friend recommended Meg as I was intrigued to find out more… and I certainly did! From initial contact with Meg, she has been with me every step of the way. From discussing intimate matters related to my last birth to reassuring me at 41 weeks to even supporting me in my fourth trimester. I can’t thank Meg enough for giving me the tools and confidence to birth my baby in the way I did.

We decided to opt for a home birth after many discussions with Meg, my partner and the midwife. Our decision was based on knowing the Hypnobirthing principals about birthing in a safe, familiar place in a dimly lit, quiet space.

I started labour around 5.30pm in Sainsbury’s whilst packing my shopping! When we arrived at home, I had a bath and played my relaxation track whilst James set up the living room with candles, fairy lights and my diffuser (with lavender, citrus and frankincense). After a short massage using oil with lavender, clary sage and jasmine, I felt relaxed and confident. 

The midwife arrived at 12am. After a quick examination, I was 3cm, with my cervix still far back. So I thought I still had a while to go… but I felt happy and met each surge calmly whilst I sat on my ball. 

Whilst the midwife wrote up notes, I moved to a high back chair and listened to my positive affirmations. Each surge was getting stronger and I didn’t have much time to rest in between each one. 

It was decided that we needed to start to fill up my birth pool. My body started going into shock so I began to shake; I felt cold but I was sweating. I drank plenty of water, which meant I was emptying my bladder regularly, which encouraged the surges to come quickly. My waters soon broke and I felt the need to ‘push’ straight away. Walking to the birth pool, which was still being filled, I knew baby was coming! 

Charina is holding her newborn baby in a birth pool as her husband cuts the cord, assisted by Sue the midwife

I needed to regain focus if I wanted the birth I always imagined. As soon as I got in the pool, baby was ready to enter the world… and SHE did! The joy, relief, comfort… just felt magical. I did it! I had my home birth, I had no drugs, I did it how I wanted to do it. On reflection, I wish I got in the pool earlier and used it as a comfort measure. 

We waited for the cord to finish pulsing before it was cut. We stayed in the pool for a while and just embraced the cuddles and baby cries! After cutting the cord, James and my mum had cuddles whilst I waddled to the sofa to birth my placenta. She latched on straight away, releasing all those oxytocin and endorphins, encouraging the placenta to come. 

The next few days we spent as a family, nesting in our newborn baby bubble.



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