Alice, Will and Bobby's birth story

Alice and Will did a full private Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of their first baby, Bobby. They were transferred during labour from blackburn Birth Centre to Burnley Central Birth Suite and Alice shows that you can stay in control to have a positive experience even when the unexpected happens.

This was our first baby and we had decided to wait to find out the gender.

Me and my partner started Hypnobirthing classes with Meg during my third trimester and we were completely new to it. We were in national lockdown at the time so classes were over Zoom, but Meg made us feel comfortable and relaxed none the less. We really looked forward to the classes each week as it was time out of the day where we could think about nothing else other than the upcoming arrival of our new baby. We learnt so much about birth and how important it is to visualise a positive birth and how breathing techniques can help through labour.

I was also doing pregnancy yoga and found yoga the perfect time to practise my breathing exercises and visualise the positive birth that we wanted.

Initially, we planned to have a water birth at Blackburn Birth Centre and I’d decided that I didn’t want to be offered any pain relief. Labour started at home and we created a calm environment using candles, essential oils and positive affirmations. I practised my breathing techniques as each contraction came and we waited as long as possible before we went to the birth centre. 

When we got there I was 7cm dilated. At this point I got in the water bath and continued to use my breathing exercises, along with the gas and air, to ease the pain of the contractions. A few hours later, my labour was not progressing fast enough and I was moved to Burnley hospital via ambulance. During the journey to the hospital I was away from my partner, which was scary, however I remained as calm as I could by using the invaluable breathing techniques. 

Not long after my partner and I were reunited on the birth suite at Burnley our baby boy was born. Skin to skin was not possible straight away, as he was having difficulty breathing. However, after a few minutes, he was in my arms and I fell instantly in love. 

We decided to call him Bobby.

I had always planned on breastfeeding and straight away Bobby knew what to do; I exclusively breastfed and still am today at almost six months old.

I have already recommended Hypnobirthing to 2 of my pregnant friends and would absolutely recommend it to anyone! Hypnobirthing classes with Meg had an amazing and positive impact on me, my partner and the birth of my baby boy.


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