Aimmie, Lee and Verity's birth story

Aimmie and Lee did a group Hypnobirthing courser to prepare for the birth of their first baby, Verity, at Blackburn Birth Centre, East Lancashire.

 I was 6 days overdue and had a post dates aromatherapy booked with my MW at Blackburn birth centre.

I arrived at 8.30pm for my appointment. Arrived home and got ready for bed. At 11.30pm my plug went. I jumped into bed to get some rest and put only fools and horses on TV to distract my mind from the irrational thoughts. I was excited, apprehensive, scared and relieved all at once (huge bag of emotions). However, I knew I had this under control and felt ready. So off to sleep I go. Just as I dozed off cuddling Lee, I felt and heard a pop from my belly. I instantly jumped out of bed; as quick as an overdue pregnant person can. I felt a warm water gush down my legs. MY WATERS I thought. I woke Lee and I ran to the bathroom to organise myself, however, I was welcomed by the lovely purge.

I called my midwife once that mess was over with. I was asked to come to Blackburn birth centre to have my waters confirmed. As soon as I got off the phone I started contracting. Contractions lasted 30 seconds to begin with but they were very regular at 2.5 minutes. By the time I got into the car my contractions had become very regular at 2 minutes, lasting 45 seconds.

We drove to the birth centre from Clitheroe at 1.30am. On the journey, I was uncomfortable. The pot holes in Clitheroe eye roll… anyways, I digress. The journey was difficult with quite a few stops along the way and shouting DRIVE FAST, STOP STOP STOP! We finally arrived at the birth centre almost 1 hour later. I was extremely relieved to be out of the bumpy car with freedom to move and position myself.

I was met by my community midwife which was beautiful. I was told my contractions weren’t intense enough and to return home. I had planned a home birth and so prior to the journey to Blackburn birth centre I was more than happy to return home but I knew I was having my baby within the next 12 hours. I just knew it. So I pleaded to stay as I couldn’t bare the drive home to Clitheroe again.

They offered me a room for an hour to monitor my progress as I didn’t want cervical checks; I wanted to listen to my body and follow my body and baby’s lead. My contractions were extremely intense at this point lasting 1.5 minutes and still regular at 2 minutes.

Lee was attempting to set the scene by turning off the radio and putting my playlist on, laying out all the things I had organised… but none of that mattered in that moment I just needed Lee to help counterpressure on my back.

I tried several positions and found the one that felt right for me and remained there during contractions, moved around when I wasn’t contracting.

I went to the bathroom for a shower and then blood came. I called for the midwife and was asked to be checked. I was told I was ready and that I could enter the pool. That was 45 minutes after my arrival at BBC.

I very quickly started feeling a different sensation, a more powerful and forceful sensation. Different to the tightening sensations I had felt up to this point.

I entered this beautifully dim lit birth pool with the radio playing ‘Tori Amos – its got to be big’. In my head I was singing ‘he’s got a big d*ck’ (you’ll have defo heard this version at some point, surely?).

So I enter this pool and it was lovely and warm. I asked Lee to call my mum to tell her to attend as I said the sensations had changed. My mum arrived and I don’t recall the details but I just recall her being near me.

The MWs were taking care of me and encouraging me. I was totally in the zone that I didn’t really hear or see what was going on around me I was breathing through it all and I felt so relaxed even though the powerful force was surging through my body. I felt so empowered and peaceful.

I recall looking at a clock and it was 4.30am and I thought wow I’ve been at this for a while. I decided not to look at the clock again. What felt like a short time after, I gave birth at 7.56am. It was so truly amazing, not just the emotional aspect but the physical experience was incredible. I was in awe. My midwife allowed myself and Lee to pull our baby up and onto my chest. We were so in love we didn’t check the sex. Lee was crying, my midwife was crying, my mum was making noises (some sort of joyous whale) and I just sat there staring into my babies extremely alert swollen eyes. Amazed that our was here and our baby used my body to enter our world. I simply surrendered to the whole experience.

So we welcomed a little baby girl on 22.02.2022.

Lee stupidly asked me what we were calling her (although we had already decided on names for a girl and boy) so I obviously hit him in a moment of weakness and took a chance by picking a name he hated… Verity.


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