Harriet, Spencer and Clemmie's birth story

Harriet and Spencer did a group Hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of their second baby. Harriet had a wonderfully positive induced birth at Airedale Hospital, West Yorkshire.


“I’m feeling amazing!  The pessary went in at about 12 o clock and I had mild contractions probably from 2 o’clock till 6 o’clock. They were manageable and I didn’t even use gas and air, it was alright. At about 6:30pm they checked me and I was 2cm. My contractions really ramped up then, they got really strong. Eventually I needed something else.

Honestly Meg, I really do think if I’d not done your course I would have probably lost it. Cause that moment where the contractions ramped up so much from about 6:30 I must have gone from 2 cm to up and up and up and they really went toe curling. I lost it for a bit cause I didn’t realise I was dilating, I thought I was still going to be at 2cm and I thought I can’t do this at 2cm. I could be at this stage for the next 10, 12 hours. I wanted an epidural but the midwife really reassured me, she said no you can do this, you’re progressing a lot quicker than you think. Honestly it was all down to the breathing, which you taught me, it was amazing. I did a lot of breathing on the gas and air but there was some big contractions that I just breathed through without using the gas and air and just really tried to focus my mind on the pressure rather than the pain. It was amazing, it still hurt but it was great. I used a hot water bottle, stayed on the floor, really active.  

I had pethidine at about 8 o’clock. She didn’t even get chance to give me the antibiotics in time for them to really get through my system. Got pethidine and antibiotics by 8:15pm and she was born at 8:40pm! So from 2cm at 6:30pm, to 2 hours later, crazy! The pushing just came out of nowhere it was absolutely crazy this pushing sensation, I’ve never felt anything like it.  

She was born in the sac, she’s amazing. Had to have 2 stitches, that’s it, really minor. I’ve never breastfed before but she’s been breastfed the whole time. She’s absolutely lovely, a really good colour, she’s a lot bigger than I thought she’d be after being induced and told she was quite little. 6lb 10 which I don’t think is bad for 10 days early. The midwives were absolutely incredible, thank you so much for teaching me to do the breathing thing it really helped. 

Thank you so much, this time it’s just been so different. I just feel so lucky to be sitting here having cuddles with her. Looking at her, just chilling out. I was always “ooh I don’t know if Hypnobirthing is going to work for me” but it definitely did. Amazing. You are amazing. Thank you!” 

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